Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You know, I just realized it, but you guys don't really know what I look like, do you?

I don't want to be some faceless kid on the internet. I want you guys to be able to put a name to a face, you know? So here, have a bunch of pictures.

Ninth Grade:

 (ignore the dating on this one it's lying)

Tenth Grade:

The two to my left are my little brothers. If you are not familiar with their names already, from left to right, they are Chandler Cole Norris, and Alec Ross Norris. 

Eleventh Grade: 

What I basically look like right now.

The smiles you do see in those pictures are mostly fake. Even before Grey invaded my body, I was not a happy individual. My life has never really been that fun, honestly.
Anyways. Let's move on. I talked to Norman today about "hearts" of places. I called him as soon as I got home from school, and notified him of my meeting with the strange man out on Leckie street.

"You what!? Why didn't you tell me this earlier? That's a bit troublesome..."

"How so? You got me worried now..."

"That must have been another Fear's servant. The man was obviously not associated with Grey, as your Degausser....~abilities~ did not kick in around him, correct?"

"Abilities? You mean what happened between Grey and I...? No sir."

"That means that wasn't a Dying Man piece. Instead, I think another Fear was trying to contact you. If I had to guess, I believe it would have been The Ichor, a monster our organization has a difficult time of dealing with. We usually let another organization deal with it, but we do have a special subdivision specialized for this particular Fear; coincidentally, your friend Peter Rivers' brother is apart of that division.

Recently, the creature has been given a new name, on the internet. "The Epping Aqua Tarkus", I believe. Or EAT, for short. It-"

"Hey! I know that name! I've seen it on my friend Jordan Dooling's blog! I haven't checked his blog out in a while though...wonder if he's doing okay..."

Norman looked so strange in that moment. He seemed as if he knew something I didn't.

"There's a problem with this theory, though: no Fears can intrude Portsmouth at this time. Grey has somehow...sealed this place off to any foreign creature. It's his territory now. So how did EAT enter this realm? Perhaps one of his servants did for it...honestly, I have no clue. EAT is a foreign concept to me. I don't really understand how it works...."

Gee, he's helpful, right?

"How is this Grey's realm? What has he done? Furthermore, can you tell me what that servant or whatever meant when he mentioned a "heart" of Portsmouth?"

"Grey has bonded with Portsmouth itself. The Dying Man is not restricted to only possessing humans. Remember how we sealed Grey's main portion into the mask? It's like that, only a bit harder. Grey has to first find the "heart" of the town; the heart is where the most emotional energy in all of an area is centered at.
After that, he needs to either build a "bridge" into the heart, or find a citizen of the town to use as a conduit into the heart. A "bridge" is the bond between the Dying Man and his victims. While he usually uses another person's dying body to build a bridge into a foreign body, He built one into your body, using the pocketwatch you picked up in March...."

"Yes, yes, I realize I'm an idiot."

"Again, no one's blaming you."

I look away for a second, and think. Perhaps it wasn't my fault, at least, not completely. But still...someone needs to hold the blame on their shoulders, right?

And then I remembered the whole Degausser thing, and decided to ask Norman about it.

"Norman...what's a "Degausser?"

"Degaussing is the process of eliminating, or at least decreasing, an unwanted magnetic field. A degausser is an invention that uses said process. The 757 Members have been named that, because that's what you all have basically been doing; destroying Grey's magnetic hold over Portsmouth." 

"Really...? Then how much have we eliminated? Is he losing his grip over Portsmouth?"

"No. We have no way to be sure, but we're convinced Grey is getting stronger by the day. The 757 isn't perfect, it's not complete. Once you are all close enough together, you can attempt to disrupt Grey's hold on this place, and destroy him for good..."

"We can really do that? When, and more importantly, how?'

"Soon. And I'm going to need to have some one-on-one time with all seven of you. You all can manipulate your Degaussing powers to your advantage, and I'm going to help you realize your full potential with that. I'm going to give everyone two weeks..."

"Why two weeks?"

"That's not important right now. I have to go. You need to practice, Owen, on meditating. You've been neglecting it lately, haven't you?"

I nodded. I'm a procrastinator, unfortunately. I actually have a big problem with it.

"Alright, you do that. Now, I'm off. See you later." 


So now I'm here, alone on my room. After I'm finished typing this up, I'm going to try meditating again.

If anything interesting happens, I'll tell you guys. Promise.

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