Friday, November 11, 2011

Limousine (MS Rebridge)

Katelyn Brasi finally got her chance to be a flower girl. She had a brilliant day....she threw the flowers all over, laughing and smiling as she walked down the aisle in her pretty blue and white checkered dress. Her mother watched on, so proud of the dress she had picked out for her daughter, but even more proud of her daughter; the apple of her eye. She was growing up so fast! It had seemed that just yesterday that Katy had started walking on her own two feet.

She spread them out with such a smug look. She was so cute looking like that. Katy was a strong little girl, and at times, a stubborn girl. But she was always sweet! So sweet, so innocent. She beamed at everyone, oblivious to the rose petals decaying right below her feet...

Vows vowed, kisses kissed, hands held, lovers loved. Winter had stopped for just a few hours that afternoon. It was beautiful outside, and it looked almost like Spring out there. Katy wanted to play out there, I know she did. She wanted to run around in the field beside the Church, she wanted to bask in the warm sunlight. Anything but sit in a stuffy old Church.

But she couldn't do that! She had to wait around and chat with the boring old people. It was worth it though. She got to see auntie and uncle laugh and smile and hold hands and they just looked so darling together. Katelyn wondered what her wedding would look like; yet, in the back of her mind, she knew.

And her brother looked so funny in a suit. Katelyn loved to just mess with Luca and tell him he looked funny. She didn't feel that way, of course. She thought her brother looked quite fine. He reminded her of daddy a bit actually. She chuckled to herself when she saw Luca and daddy talking. They looked like father and son alright! Only difference was daddy's hair. Dad's was a nice brown. Luca's was black.

It was around evening when the festivities started to die down. About 7 o' clock. Usually, night would have already fallen, but it seemed to be that tonight was different; there was still a greyish tone in the sky, instead of starry-dotted blueish one; the sky here in Portsmouth never turned completely black. Mother carried daughter to the limousine, with a look of such fondness. She truly loved what would soon become her worst mistake. If only she had known that Fate had other plans for her family.

Katelyn looked up to her mother's face as the limo started. She smiled, and with a tear in her eye, she told her momma she loved her. Momma replied with the same thing. Satisfied, Katy started to drift into slumber. A true princess, a beauty supreme, fell asleep for the last time.

(I know this because Jennifer knew this)

We found her man in the meantime, during the wedding. A perfect person to seal her fate to til the end of time. He wouldn't let anyone down. No, he'd make it. He would volunteer with the grace to end her life; he would tarnish her innocence, and totally demolish her body and soul.

This man was Martin. Martin happened to work a stressful job. Or, at least, used to. Martin just happened to suffer a nervous breakdown while on the job. Martin was fired from his job!! And in this economy? Well, that was just great, wasn't it?

But the misery doesn't end there. No, no, no! Said breakdown was caused by his girlfriend. Or at least, ex girlfriend. Of course, there's always love at the center of a story, right? Man loses girl, man loses sanity, man takes anger out on world. Perfect.

No. No, that wasn't it. Or at least, it wasn't that simple. Martin, you see, had been suffering from alternating mood swings for months now. Since March of 2011, apparently. He took his anger out on friends, family, his girl, everyone. No one was safe. What was wrong with him; something predetermined.

The sad thing is, perhaps Martin was a Good Man before this, you know? Maybe even innocent. Innocent and happy and just plain not involved. Things change with adulthood, of course. Dead end jobs with dead end lifestyles create dead end dreams.

All of these causes and effects added up to Martin wasting and drinking his life away in a local bar. Martin just happened to pick the right bar where no one gave an utter shit if he drove home intoxicated. No one even batted an eye as he walked out, moaning about how the grey was seeping back into view.

He got into his car, and he signed the deal right then and there. He knew what he was doing, and drove on despite of that. I'm told that Martin even knew of his eventual fate...but he wanted the pain to go away, so he went on. Anything it took, he said to himself. Anything it took to take the pain away. But I prefer to think otherwise. Isn't there enough evil in the world?

(I knew that because Martin knew it)

Degausser begins. A frequency is sent out all over Portsmouth.  Certain events sync up.
A circle, connected by fate, closes. One person, lucky enough to get out, doesn't feel a thing.
Ten others aren't so lucky. The very weapon used to hurt a monster not a week earlier is used again by the very same monster to burn away the bonds connecting the town together.
The world tilted back.

 He was going to break this town's heart if it was the last thing he'd do.

Katelyn was our Satellite.

 At 6:50 P.M, I looked out from a hazy bus window. I had stayed back after school for a project with peers; afterwards, a bus was to take us all home. I remember thinking  about how Grey the sky felt; I also remember feeling a vague pain in my chest...but I brushed it off. I didn't think that in only ten minutes, my life would be crashing past the horizon. I would be falling, and I perhaps would never touch ground again.

At 6:51 P.M, Markus Smith was talking to his girlfriend. He had to hang up at a certain point, because his phone was acting extremely strange. It kept turning on and off, and on the screen, the words "apple" and "eye" kept flashing across it. He ended up throwing it across the room, in frustration.

At 6:52 P.M, my friend Steven woke up suddenly from a nap. He had dreamed of two things; Anna, and Grey. Grey was laughing while eternally torturing Anna...but there was another shape hidden within the depths, wasn't there? A shape with thorns. A shape raging inside...

At 6:53 P.M, Patrick Fletcher returned to his house. No one was home, everyone was out and about. He went to use the bathroom, but saw a little note on his fridge, given to him by Katelyn. It was a little note, showing a stick figure Katy surrounded by roses. Or at least, used to be. Now, half of the paper had been torn off. The lower part of the body remained, while the half with Katelyn's head laid on the floor.

At 6:54 P.M, Keil Paice sat on his couch, like he usually did. He was watching some show on TV, when the TV suddenly switched off, and then back on. When the screen cleared up, it showed an entirely different show. There was some type of mock wedding going on. A little doll, with brown hair, walked down the aisle. She was humming some sweet hymn. Rose petals drifted out all around her. Before she made it to the end, the sky above her turned from sunny and blue to dark and grey. The rose petals around her lost their color as well and changed into greyish petals. But the worst was yet to come; a man in the background. A man with a white mask, that had an eternal grin carved into it, watched. Behind him, another shape materialized; this figure had a mask on as well. This figure wasn't a man like the figure in front of him. Oh no. This thing was a monster. A literal monster. There was no humanity left inside of this individual. Keil started to panic and try switching the TV off, but it would not, so he tugged the power cord out. That silenced it.

At 6:55 P.M, Andrew Wood witness his cat kill a tiny mouse. He had noticed his cat had been hunting something for a while, but he thought it had just been a tiny bug. The cat waited for the perfect time, and pounced upon the mouse. It killed it, and Andrew couldn't help but feel bad for the poor mouse.

At 6:56 P.M,  Luca Brasii nodded off to sleep. The final image in his mind before the tragedy, before the fall, was his sister's calm face. He smiled, and buried his love for her within his dreams. It was too bad that he would never get to the dream phase of his sleep, though, and he probably won't ever now.

At 6:57 P.M, Martin screamed out his girlfriend's name. His mouth clenched down upon his tongue, and he cried a bit in frustration. It was like a roller coaster now, he couldn't stop, he couldn't end this! That's all he wanted. He wanted to end this ending, he didn't want this, he wanted to tell his mother he loved her, he wanted to finally earn his father's respect, he want to call his girlfriend up and apologize, he wanted to sit back on his porch and play his guitar, he wanted to be normal again. He didn't want to be a tool. He tried to bite his tongue off, but now his teeth were falling out of his mouth and also rotting away in place, into dust. His skin was almost bleached white looking, and blood leaked out of a few of his body's orifices. He looked into the rearview mirror, and saw The Devil. After that, Martin was no longer a problem. Hell, Martin was, at that point, not even there anymore. His role as a tool was complete, and he was no longer useful.

At 6:58 P.M, Katelyn's mother, Jennifer, looked down upon her baby girl and smiled. She thought about how bright the future looked at that moment, despite the bleak atmosphere outside. She thought about her daughter's future, of her graduating school, of her marrying a fine young man, of her having a kid or two. She thought about seeing Katelyn wake up the next morning,  ready for the day ahead. Jennifer smiled for the last time that night. Her smile was the signal to the end of innocence.

At 6:59, the Grey sky trembled with the emotional thunderstorm, or perhaps the soulless earthquake that was about to occur on the ground, while Katelyn Brasii completed her walk down the aisle.

Martin stands before the judge. His face downcast, his face sealed. He's crying.
"Jesus Christ, I am so sorry...I did not mean for this to happen..."

All the while, the grey sky enshrouds the courthouse,
letting us all know just who was really judging in that courtroom.

The judge looks at him with shame.
 His mother cries,
his father looks away with the same shame as the judge had,
and his girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.

The judge's face falls off, to the ground. A skeleton condemns Martin's soul. The contract is burned, and with that, the respective bridge is dismantled and is set to burn as well.

At 7:00 P.M, Owen's reflection disappears, and he notices...I mean, my reflection....Christ, I'm losing track of my identity.

Who am I? Am I still me?

Poison's pouring into me, into me, and with it, the memories of all those afflicted. I don't, can't, won't keep track.The mirror's been destroyed, and Daisy cannot help me piece it back together. Humpty Dumpty had fallen to the ground, and damn, we wouldn't be able to put him back together again.

The bus driver coughed. I looked up, and saw the bus driver, whom looked quite different. Firstly, his hair was now a ghastly grey. Second of all, his was suddenly reddish looking. It looked irritated, as if it was peeling off. And finally, in the mirror above the seat...there was no reflection.

And then the mask that was his face melted off and fell to the driver's wheel, and there was ol' Grey.

No drivers other than the Limo driver and the bus driver occupied this street for the next 15 minutes, despite it being one of the main roads in the city.

I tried yelling at him, mouth couldn't make a sound. I tried getting up, but I was held down to my seat. We were almost home, and we passed by a Church. And there, in front of us, was a limousine.

I knew that it was Luca. I could feel his thoughts filter into my head. I could feel others' thoughts; the entirety of The 757, and Luca's mom, too. It was weird, but I tried ignoring it.

A beer bottle rolled down the aisle, and I knew that we were in some big trouble.
Grey flower petals covered the interior of the bottle....why...

Foreign thoughts invaded my head. By that, they weren't from anyone I knew, and neither were they Luca's mother's. They belonged to a man by the name of Martin, apparently. I guessed that it was the driver.

I struggled to move, tried to ignore the hallucinations Degausser was causing.

For a second, I was in the field behind John Tyler Elementary, but that vision was burned away, and I was suddenly in a chapel...or perhaps a courtroom. I couldn't tell. I was another man, but I was also me.

I was wearing handcuffs. They were simultaneously too big and too small for me.

I was Martin, I was Owen Grey Norris. Martin was me, Martin was himself, Martin was Grey.

Before us, grey shapes tangled and danced around each other. I couldn't get a good look of them, there were too blurry.

They were singing in shrill voices, ...Martin referred to them in his mind as "The Choir."

Martin started to cry, faced a few hidden figures he thought were his loved ones, and said:

A beauty supreme; 
yeah, you were right about me.
Can I get myself out from underneath
this guilt that will crush me?

My mouth suddenly followed up with:

And in the choir; well, I saw a sad messiah.
He was bored and tired of my laments,
'said "I died for you one time but never again."
With that, a darkness so deep, so dark; a wave, even, crashed upon us. It pushed us out of the courtroom, and into a deep cavern filled with flames and eternal damnation.

We thought we were going to end up in Hell, but it was worse than that. The flames licked at us, and we were almost burnt to dust and ash, but we missed and fell past them, into a dark pit.
Guilt swallowed us, and then within Guilt, came Regret.
Outside of this nightmare, my feet were moving. I was in the aisle, and I looked back quickly, to see that all of the students who had been awake and active a few minutes before were slumped in their seats unconscious. I cursed, and began to maneuver my way to the front of the bus...

We were on Bus 7...and that number was supposed to be my lucky number, wasn't it?

Martin and I plunged into Darkness. We saw many of our possible futures, and none of them included Death in them. This made us scream, and cry, and...I don't remember. Most of that plunge is now erased from my memory. I think that, if I ever recalled what truly happened in there...I'd promptly go insane.

We were separated, and that was the last time I ever saw Martin as his true self. Or, well, felt. Technically, I never saw what he looked like, or knew what he looked like. If I had, maybe I would have seen that other surprise coming....oh well...

I appeared in some Otherworld. I had no body. I was just an idea.

Katelyn appeared with me, before me. A sun set, but we both knew that wasn't really the Sun.
For one thing, instead of Golden, it was Silver.
And it wasn't hot. It was cold. Colder than anything you could ever touch, feel, smell, or see.

And then she was gone...I tried chasing after her, into the horizon.

I couldn't forget and let go.

(never again)
Mother sees her daughter's face for the first time. She cried, and laughs, and smiles for her daughter's benefit for the first time. Little Katy was the most innocent thing Jennifer Brasii had ever seen...
Well, I love you so much, but do me a favor baby, don't reply.
Jennifer takes a picture as her daughter crawls around on the floor. She chuckles to herself, and looks lovingly to her husband. Her husband grins, while helping Luca with his homework.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

I was on both feet. Though the bus was reeling straight towards the Limousine, I was able to balance myself.

(never again)
Mother holds daughter in arms, cradling her as she wished her her first Birthday. She carries her to the window overlooking her garden, and points out to lil' Katelyn a flower she called "a rose."
One'll love you so much, but do me a favor baby, don't reply.
Mother settles Katy down after a crying fit, lays her down on the ground. Katy begins crawling, but after seeing one of Luca's toy cars...a Limo, roll past her, she decides to try walking.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

The bus was speeding toward the black car, while I was practically flying through the air, hanging onto the seats for dear life. I was almost...there...

(never again)
Mother takes Katy to the zoo for her second birthday. Luca and his father walk around looking at the dangerous animals, like the tigers, while Mother shows Katy the cute little peacocks wandering about the park. Katy waves at the birds, and Mother laughs.
Two'll love you so much, but do me a favor baby, don't reply.
Mother shows Katy old photos of the family, including an old wrinkled photo of a family reunion. She points out Katy's old grandfather, the man her grandmother was married to before Norman showed up. He looked so kind, even with the piercing blue eyes that seemed to intimidate alot of people.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

The bus driver did not chuckle or laugh like Grey usually do at particular moments such as an impending car collision. In fact, the driver seemed completely serious. He was stiff, and the skeleton showing through small patches of skin was completely still.

(never again)
Mother and Father take Katelyn and Luca out on a vacation for Katelyn's third birthday. They all go to Disney World, and have a great time. Katy even got to meet Cinderella!
Three'll love you so much, but do me a favor and don't reply.
Mother shows Katy how to plant a flower. Katy chooses a tiny rose to plant for the first time, and Mother couldn't be more proud of her.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

I grabbed onto the driver's seat, and leaned across it, grabbing onto Grey. He barely paid me any mind; I thought he was dead for a moment, but I still felt a weak link left inside of the body.

(never again)
Mother tends to Katelyn at home for her fourth birthday, since she is a sick with a fever. She tries to eat a bit of a cake, but gags it back up an hour later.
Four'll love you so much, but do me a favor, baby don't reply.
Mother takes Katelyn out to the beach for the first time. They dance along it, laughing, despite the foreboding grey sky surrounding them up above.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

I shoved him aside into the loading steps next to the seat, and grabbed onto the wheel.

(never again)
Mother and Katy head up with father and Luca upstate for a week. They celebrate Katy's fifth birthday in the mountains, visiting the wonderful Shenadoah Valley.
Five'll love you so much, but do me a favor, baby, don't reply,
Mother and daughter plant a tree in the backyard. Mother stresses the importance of keeping the tree safe and healthy, so that it'll grow up nice and strong. It was an apple tree.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

I turned the wheel as fast as I could, and closed my eyes; I thought we were about to collide with the limo.

(never again)
Mother throws Katy her first birthday party. Alot of kids show up, annoying the heck out of Luca, but Katelyn has lots of fun. She even got to bust the pinata open!!
Six'll love you so much, but do me a favor, baby, don't reply.
Mother leaves daughter for Katy's first day of school; while K doesn't cry at all, her mother does.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.
I'll never have to buy adjacent plots of earth.
We'll never have to rot together underneath dirt.
I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd.
I should be laughing right now.

Instead of hitting the limo head on, hood to hood, we head towards the curb of the street at the last of the second. The limo grazes the side of the bus, peeling off the number "7" on the bus, and heads in a different direction. Smoke drifts up from the tire marks in the ground, and  the limo screeches to a hault. The schoolbus tips to the side, and almost falls while gradually losing its speed, but somehow manages to both stop and remain upright. I sit down for a second, and sigh in relief, looking out to the limousine.

(never again) 
Mother and the rest of the family celebrate Katelyn's birthday at the regular old house; including Norman.
Seven loves you so much, but do me a favor, baby, don't reply.
Jennifer holds Katelyn tight, consoling her after she wakes up in the middle of the night, complaining about a man in a devil mask watching her from outside the window.
Because I can dish it out, but I can't take it.
I'll never have to buy adjacent plots of earth
We'll never have to rot together underneath dirt
I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd
I should be laughing right now

But then, another car engine can be heard in the distance. A small silver, greyish honda comes out of nowhere, and drives straight towards the Limousine.
Seven loved you so much, but do me a favor baby and don't reply.

Cause I can dish it out, but I can't take it.
I'll never have to buy adjacent plots of earth
We'll never have to rot together underneath dirt
I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd
I should be laughing right now

It rips into the Limousine, tearing it apart.
Seven loved you so much, but do me a favor baby and don't reply.
Cause I can dish it out, but I can't take it.
I'll never have to buy adjacent plots of earth.
We'll never have to rot together underneath dirt.
I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd.
I should be laughing right now.

I scream out as loud as I can, shouting as if it would stop it.

Seven loved you so much, but do me a favor baby and don't reply.
Cause I can dish it out, but I can't take it.

I'll never have to buy adjacent plots of earth.
We'll never have to rot together underneath dirt.
I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd.
I should be laughing right now.

The car and limousine explode outwards in sheets of metal and blood; Katelyn's blood. The blood sprinkles the school bus, and I cry. I cry. I cry. I cry. I cry. I cry. I cry. Bits of the metal also stab into the bus, but I barely notice that. I hear a mother scream from complete and total loss.

Time skips on.

Mother cradles her daughter's head, crying as authorities help the rest of the family out of the Limousine.

Time skips back.

A piercing scream matches the mother's, but rises. A dark shape emerges from the smoke and fog, and screams into the night. The grey overcast dissipates, and the stars dot the sky once more.

Time skips even farther back.

Katelyn comes up to me on that day I first met her...this was all my fault.

Time skips, to...I dunno when.

I'm in my bed, with the hood up. I'm typing this story into a computer. This is not me. It can't be.

Time skips back.

Police ask me questions. Norman is with them. FuckyoufucktoufuksGHK

Time. Time is a funny thing, isn't it? It's even funnier that I've lost grasp of it.

Another shape rises out from the darkness. It's not as strong as the other shape.

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.

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