Thursday, November 10, 2011

Side Wound of Christ

I've...I've given up. On everything.
There's nothing we can do now.
We're useless.
We're only allowed to go to school.
Nothing else.
We've been warned that, if we we try to leave the house on any other occasion, unless we're forced to by parental influence or otherwise, we'll be shot on sight.
Vera called on the phone today.
She only got to talk for about twenty seconds; she was cut off the line.
Said we had only about two weeks left.
I hope she's alright wherever she is.
Luca doesn't answer my texts, or any of my phone calls.
I hope he's alright as well.
I'm such an idiot.
Why was I so trustworthy of Norman?
Learning how to pull off Degaussing was ultimately useless.
Of fucking course.
I hope Luca has fun at the wedding tomorrow.
It'll be really fucking awkward,
Or step grandfather.
It's weird.
I have a step grandfather as well.
I live with him, actually.
How have I not mentioned him before? Hmm.
Guess I really do need to have a backstory post.
I'll do it later.
He works in the police force.
He's supposed to retire in a couple of months.
Poor guy loves his job.
I heard him talking on the phone today.
He was complaining about The Lonely Hearts.
Said they were interfering with his investigations.
Said the agents were taking liberties with the laws in the area.
I wonder if he knows there's something strange going on.
Winter is just about to begin.
The visions are stronger than ever.
I don't think Norman is prepared for the Darkness that is about to engulf this town.

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