Monday, October 31, 2011


Well. Happy Halloween.

I am so tired right now. I apologize if this entry seems a bit disjointed, or a bit too short. I'm almost literally falling asleep sitting up...

I had fun today. I was actually happy, for once. Instead of going to a Halloween party, the 757 decided to just chill at my house. Since we weren't drinking, or planning on doing anything extreme, Luca even brought Katy over. I'm telling you,...we love that kid. She's almost a 757 member herself!

We took her trick and treating for a bit, actually. She was a witch-princess hybrid! She couldn't decide on which one she should be, so she just decided to be both, haha. She was just so adorable. We hit every house in the neighborhood, I swear.

I split up from the main group for a little while, though. I wanted to go back to the place where this all started...and you know, just check it out. I felt like I almost had to.

The air around me seemed to thicken when I got to the water. The night was humid, and it almost seemed to be more of an early September day, rather than an October one. While the street that I had just been on was extremely crowded with kids, this street was completely abandoned.

This is the location on Google Maps. There used to be a bridge there, but it was torn down years ago, due to it importing crime and traffic problems into the neighborhood. There are still bits of the bridge that remain in the creek, though...submerged, underneath the surface, waiting...

I approached the precipice behind the barrier, entranced by pure curiosity. When I step onto the grass, I hear a sudden rustling in the underbrush to the right, and before I could fully comprehend the shadow hiding outside of the faint glimmer of moonlight, it jumps right out to me; a man, in a soaking wet suit.

His skin is almost toneless, almost completely pale. His hair is long, and drenched just like his clothes. His eyes are bloodshot, and his arms hang limp at his sides. His mouth keeps twitching at the corners, almost like a tic of some sort. He seems to almost be shivering.

It was strange. I did not feel threatened, and I of course did not feel afraid (wooo, Sowing Season served an actual purpose for once); I was perfectly at ease, even with this hobo standing before me, with unknown intentions. What did he want...?

The man begins to speak, with a heavy Russian accent;


He begins to list off a bunch of random shit. I have no idea how or why I remembered all of this stuff, but here it is:

"You have become a Degausser: You are in charge of destroying attraction between two objects. You are in charge of burning down the Forest. You are in charge of staking the Heart. You are in charge of The 757. You are his favorite bird. You are the apple of his Eye. You are a Space Cadet. You are a Good Man.

"Grey has become a Milestone: He is your breath. He is all your Dark. He is the Demon in the Attic to the Left. He is the Storm. He is Mr. Hangman. He is Not The Sun. He is The Devil.
He is the smiling face on a silver plate. He is a moon made in anger and angst. He's a voice that never sings."

Before I can question him after he finishes, he turns around and jumps into the creek. He runs out to the deep end, and before I can ask him what he actually meant again, he begins to swim away.

I don't bother tracking him with my eyes.

Frustrated, and confused, I sat down on the grass for a while. A few minutes pass, and I hear someone behind me. I do not move, because I can sense that the person behind me was one of my fellow 757 members; I just...felt him there. We're truly connected together, I guess, now.

"Heyyyy, Luca..." I say, softly.

"Hey, Owen. You ok? We're waiting back at the house for you; Katelyn's asleep, and I need to take her home."

"I'm fine. Just give me a minute. I'm thinking..."

"Alright. Mind if I chill with ya' while you ~think~?"

"Haha, sure, dude, why not."

He sits down beside me, and looks out into the distance. I continue thinking; what did all this mean? What were we supposed to do?

Luca interrupts my thoughts with a question.

"Owen, what happened? The ground is soaking wet with some shit..."

"Some dude attacked me. It's okay though, he jumped back into the creek and is chilling with the fishies."

He looks me in the eyes with an incredulous look, and laughs. I do the same.

He didn't ask me any more questions about that, so I'm assume he thought I was joking.

"I wonder what Grey's doing right now. I don't...~feel~ him anywhere near us...."

 I suddenly turn serious and say, "Don't worry about it. Seriously, Luca. We need to stop thinking so much. We need to rely on pure instinct more; let it flow through us, you know? I think something's helping us behind the scenes, or many things; for example, Slender Man. He could have been a hallucination, but I doubt it. I think he wants us to win. But there's another thing. Some strong thing. I want to find out what this thing is; you agree?"

"Yeah...I think everyone feels it, man. I have my own theory on what it could actually be, though."

"Huh? Really? What could it be?" This intrigued me.

This gets weird. Luca reaches over, and pokes my chest.

"The Heart. I think it's the heart of Portsmouth that wants us to help it."


"I heard Norman talking over the phone about something involving a ~heart~ in Portsmouth...of Portsmouth. I am not pulling your leg or anything, honestly. 
You want to ask him tomorrow about it?"

I think about it, and I say, "No. If he hasn't told us about it yet, it probably isn't important."

"But he's done that with other things too, and they ended up being important."

"Good point...yeah, fine, I guess we should ask him about it tomorrow....
You ready to go back to the house now?"

"Yeah...let's go." 


We hung out back at the house for ten minutes, and then we all parted ways.

And now we're here.

Will ask The Old Man about "The Heart" tomorrow. Could it be associated with what that man had said?

Also planning to ask my bodyguard a few things....

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  1. I just noticed that the dates on all of these are from last year. Are you catching us up on what happend, because you didn't post these before? If so why didn't you?