Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wounds in Christ's Feet

Things did not work out the way I had planned them to.

I had planned to confront what's-his-face, and kick his ass until he took me to Vera.

Instead, I got told off.

I followed SMSC agent to his car, in the Maryview Hospital Parking Lot.

"Hey!! Where's Vera, what did y'all do-"

He didn't even turn around. Hell, he didn't need to.

I was knocked to the ground with a single punch. My head contacted the cement, and the right side of my face exploded with pain. I looked up to see who had punched me...Norman; The Old Man!!

"Owen, you need to stay out of our business...."
he said, while grumbling.

He then fucking picks me up and throws me a few feet away.
I was still just in complete shock by that point, so I didn't fight back.

"Don't you see this is all bigger than just a couple of kids, Owen?!!"
Norman says, in a frustrated tone.

He kicks me in the jaw. I cry out...

Traffic goes by in the busy street, and alot of people were watching.
But no one did anything.

The SMSC agent looks regretful as he gets into his car and drives away.
I thought I heard him whisper sorry to me as he closed the door.

"Why?" I say, in a weak, shaky voice.

"I've been waiting a long time to do that...." he says.
And then he laughs.

"The truth is, Owen? The truth is, you're insignificant to our plan now. You're not needed anymore. We were originally going to use you to achieve our goals...we were playing it safe. But you fucked it up! You took our element of surprise away!!"

"What...what do you mean..."

"What do I mean!? I mean, everything, everything is my fault!! Everything!!"
he cackles like a mad man as he says this.

I slowly start to understand...

"You...you didn't..."

"I DID!! I did!! I'm the reason that fucking pocketwatch is in your possession!! I'm the reason Grey was created!! I'm the reason you're life is a living Hell!! I'm all the reasons why...and then some...!"

"But how...you couldn't of...!"

"Don't you realize what I've been saying? Are your ears not working? I've played you since the start! I watched from afar, waiting for the precise moment...and I took it. You need to stop being so goddamn naive.
It all began with Peter's blasted pocketwatch. You know, I've always been jealous of that thing? I sent one of my personal Agents...Agent Vera...to intercept the delivery of the watch. She was supposed to bring it to me, but she was planning on being a little hero; she was going to toss it into the creek.

But I took care of that, without permanently hurting her, mind you. But when I started back for the car where she had dropped the pocketwatch when I assaulted her...you were there. I could have killed you, and taken the watch. But the perfect plan was unfolding in my mind. 

I wanted the power, Owen, that pocketwatch held. But now, I want what that power has sowed. I want Grey. I want to use him for my own purposes.

But story time is over. I'm done with you. I'll keep you alive, sure. Oh, I will. I want you to see us, Owen. I want to see you the world after I have taken charge of The Lonely Hearts. I want you to see war.
I want you to see that this was all worth it in the end.

I've ordered the assassination of Peter Rivers, and your old friend James Hunter is on his way to being killed anyways. Once they are both gone, and once Grey's power is inside of me...you'll see. I'll make sure The Fears don't hurt another person ever again."

The Bodyguards walk up from the hospital. The Hipster guard walks up to me, and picks me up by the shirt.

"Let's go. Master is done with y-"

I scream out, right into Norman's face-


He punches me dead center, in the chest.

"Silence yourself. The World doesn't have any space left for loud, stubborn, dumb, childish bastards like you...you should have killed yourself when you had the chance. 

...I suppose I should let you know though. Vera is fine. Don't worry about her..."

"What about Degausser...."

"What about Degausser...?"

A pill is shoved down my throat, and I wake up on my bed.

I look outside, and sure enough, one of the bodyguards is there, in his car with the light on.

What...what do we do now.

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