Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scourging at the Pillar

Today was a pretty fun, and interesting, day.

We basically sat around at Luca's house the entire time, resting from our fight with Grey. We watched TV and did homework and all that normal day to day bullshit while talking over what we were going to doing to next. We still haven't decided on that yet, by the way.

Norman is incredibly pissed off because of what we did. He's even quit talking to us! He told us that what we attempted to attack Grey too early, that we have apparently lost the element of surprise...that we should have waited for Markus, Patrick, and Steven to receive what he called a "mark."

He quit talking to us when we asked what he meant by a "mark."

I am guessing that, by mark, he meant the numbers currently stitched to our chests. Maybe they are connected to Degausser...? No, they're definitely connected to it.


Luca's little sis, Katie, hung with us guys again. She's just so funny and cute, haha. We watched some movies with her, and also messed around outside with her. I feel as if she's my own little sister by now. Even Keil is acting like she's a part of the family, and he usually hates kids!

It was so funny. We held a mock wedding for Katie! She wanted to marry her teddy bear, whom she named Martin. But she also wanted to be the flower girl. I dunno, it was weird. We got her a bunch of flower petals, and helped her throw them all over the yard, haha. She told us that she wanted a fancy limo, too! But we couldn't do that, so we convinced her to ride on one of our backs instead.

I think she was influenced by what Luca mentioned earlier; they're going to a wedding in a few days.

And Luca just reminds me of how I feel about my little sister, Cosette. He's always happy to play with Katelyn, always hanging around with her. Of course, they play the sibling rivalry thing...I mean, who doesn't do that? But he's always there for her. I know he'll never let anything bad happen to Katelyn.

I met Luca's father today. He's pretty nice. Pretty professional, though. 

Our bodyguards showed up too, for the party. When it reached late evening, they even started a small bonfire out in the gigantic backyard Luca has. We had smores. Delicious, delicious smores.

Patrick, Markus, and Keil goofed around, while Andrew and Luca were in some heavy debate on the current state of our country. Steven and I just...we talked about Anna. We talked about her while wishing on a shooting star that she's alright, wherever she was. Or is.

I'm considering the possibility that her soul is contained inside of The Dying Man. If so...that bastard...

If so, she's gone, for good. No Heaven, no Hell.
I know this because Grey knows this. 

Not that I think there is a heaven, or hell.

I think.

I'm honestly not sure what to think anymore, to be honest.

I wish Anna was still here. I wish you all could have gotten to know her. She was the only person whose ever actually loved me.

I've got my friends back together though. It's strange, this good thing, this reunion between us, was because of Anna dying, because of Grey. We hardly talked at all before all of this. For a while, Steven and Anna were my only friends.

Sometimes I think back to my days in First Colonial High. Sometimes, I think about what really happened then. It feels so weird to look back on them,'s almost like I was in some sort of fog back then.

All memories have gaps between them, yes; but the memories from there also have giant craters cracking the surface. It almost feels as if those days were artificial in some way.

Well, nevermind. I was getting too introspective then, and I'm getting too introspective now.

We've all bonded well with our bodyguards. They're almost a part of The 757.  Vera's still not back from the hospital...I guess Grey fucked her up pretty bad.

I'll settle the score. Just you wait. Just watch.

Grey's losing his hold on me,
all the while my hands that are gripping Grey's neck are tightening.

Fuck, tomorrow. Gotta sleep.

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