Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today was the day I realized that I've become a superhero.

Seriously. Degausser is like a fucking super power. It doesn't really feel like it, but it acts like one, anyways. Though The Old Man, Norman, told me that he was going to help us one on one with the powers, I went ahead and told The 757 about them, and we've been practicing them on our own.

It's like having another sense. That's what being a Degausser feels like. I can't really explain it...I mean, it's already hard to explain how it feels to well, feel something, right? Degaussing for us has become an almost unconscious activity. It's almost like breathing. Not the activation part of it, mind you, but the operation of it.

If a normal person would have walked into Luca's backyard, they would have seen us manipulating gray energy into shapes, such as cubes and cylinders. We extended our hands out most of the time (though it wasn't exactly required to activate it), and then we manipulated the degaussing  energy out of the surrounding air; it collected, and then we thought of a use for the energy. At first, we could only form shapes for a few seconds, but now we can create shapes, fire them off and hit things (Andrew accidentally broke a window in Luca's shed this way), and also hold shapes in existence for quite a while.

We had so much fun, haha. Too much fun, actually. I think we forgot about the whole "preparing to use against Grey" deal and instead began to focus on having fun with the ability.

Luca, by far, is the most adept at Degaussing. He can form multiple shapes, and can also extend energy directly from his hands, out of his own body. It's amazing to watch. Steven is great at it too, though...possibly better than I am. After me, Markus and Patrick are probably there in terms of talent with the ability. Then Keil, and last and definitely least, Andrew. He's so clumsy with it! It's okay though, ...he'll get better.

I'm counting this as a win in my book. I feel as if we've accomplished something.

In the next few days, I'm going to focus on getting us ready as a team to use this ability.
We're going to destroy Grey. And by destroy, I don't mean kill.
I mean, completely erase from existence. Goodbye. Au revoir. Fuck off.
I hope you're listening, Grey.
Because the storm is coming.

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