Friday, November 18, 2011


The 757 have thrown me out of my own group. My friends are no longer my friends.

Luca did it. Yesterday, he called a meeting for everyone in The 757 except me.

He basically convinced them that I'm not cut out to be the leader of The 757, and that I caused everything. Which is true, yes, but...

There are no buts. What am I even talking about. This is good.

This is what I deserve.

I need to be alone. Away from everyone.

Degausser has faded away, and Sowing Season is completely broken.

I'm back to being me. A loser kid without a clue.

And that's what I deserve. I deserve, what I deserve.

I'm sorry everyone. I'll make this all right. I'll fix this all.

I'll get rid of Grey, for good. And me too. I'll fix the problem here.

Steven's phone number changed. I keep calling and calling, but someone else answers.

Tonight I bury my sins.

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