Thursday, October 13, 2011

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do

Okay, kind of panicking right now. Grey is stalking me, and the rest of the 757s. He's outside of my window, just staring at me... He's not doing anything, so I guess I'll blog until he makes a move. I don't have anything to defend myself here, and I already texted The Old Man to get here ASAP, so I've done all I can do right now. This morning, Markus texted me. He told me that I needed to stop playing around, because he was done with my "silly games". Said that I had to stop hitting his window with rocks, and to take off "the silly ghost mask thing." I called him and informed him that was Grey. He didn't believe me at first, but then he saw that while I was talking, the ghost mask thingy was still there, watching Markus from across the street. I told him to stay calm, and that I would be there as soon as I could, but he interrupted me and said that Grey left the scene. I still ordered him to be careful, and ended the call. Five minutes later, I get a call from Patrick, and go through the exact same thing with him. [Note: Patrick and Markus live really close to each other]. I go out the way and text the rest of the 757 about it, and order them all to be on their toes today. I thought that may have been the end of it...[why did I think that?], and went to school like I normally do. Except, this time,...Grey followed me. Into school. I saw him... He was never in the same room as me though. He seemed not to be able to enter a clear if a barrier was there. I'm a bit puzzled about it, but nevertheless, thankful. Grey is different. He now,....well, he doesn't look like the form I saw in the -dreamscape-, but he seems to be just as powerful as that form... He wouldn't stick around. He'd go to Markus' and Andrew's classes, and bother them. (Patrick goes to another school in our area by the name I.C. Norcom). I don't think he's allowed to hurt us in school. It's weird, I know. He's almost like a vampire. Maybe he needs to be ~invited~ in? That explains the whole -Let me in- bullshit, anyways. After school, Patrick and Andrew reported seeing Grey slowly walking behind them from large distances. Every time they looked away, Grey would appear closer, so Patrick ended up just ignoring Grey and silently quickened his pace, while Andrew ran for his life. Patrick doesn't give a fuck....he just doesn't realize who he's up against. I did not notice Grey following me home, nor did the rest of The 757s. Looking outside, Grey is gone now. If he comes back, I'll blog about it ASAP. Night.

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