Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well, I found the second member for our group.

And...coincidence or not, it's one of my other best friends from John Tyler Elementary. Really, this seems suspicious. My childhood is bleeding into the present, transforming past relationships into valuable alliances that'll last a lifetime.

Or something. It sounded better in my head, or whatever.

I was with Patrick the other day, just hanging out with him, when a topic came up in a conversation; how exactly did we meet anyways?

Well, it had to be the fourth grade. I remember that was when I had first started riding the bus home from school. That was where I first met Patrick...he sat right next to me. It's funny; the first words we exchanged were actual insults rather than friendly greetings.

It was just a normal day on the bus, really...Patrick and I mostly ignored each other, so we just sat in the quiet at the bus drove us home. I remember feeling especially...sorrowful...for some reason. I just felt something off about the entire day; something was going on behind the scenes.

The bus usually stopped by Patrick's neighborhood. West Park View, first. and then it would head to my neighborhood, Shea Terrace. This never really made sense to me; we drove straight past my neighborhood to West Park View and dropped those kids off first. For some reason.

We arrived at Patrick's bus stop, and...I felt this sudden urge to get out there. I don't know why I exactly wanted to, but I just had this compulsion to get the hell out of that bus as soon as I could. So I did, slowly and timidly following Patrick off the bus stop.

Strange thing is, Patrick didn't point out I was at the wrong bus stop. Instead, he nodded, and we walked down the sidewalk together, past his house...I have no idea how I knew which house was exactly his, but I knew.

We were going off to do something.

But we didn't know what.

We walked silently, without word. No one was on the streets...there weren't any birds chirping. The wind had died down, and cars stopped rumbling past us at varying speeds.

The world was dead to everyone except us.

Eventually, we walked up to a small park not far away from Patrick's house. We sat at a bench, and waited for the tides to turn for me.

It took about six minutes. Then, the wind started again.

why am I remembering this now

Then the wind started again.

The clouds above covered the sunlight above, and a gray color filtered over the surroundings. A sound emanated from somewhere, but it was impossible to tell where from, let alone decipher what the signal actually was.

A figure popped out of nonexistence; a ghost of a man, without a body, though robes surrounded the outline of the nonexistent shape. It didn't have a physical mask, but what we were seeing was still a mask. An avatar to something greater.

It pointed at me and Patrick...and then I remember thinking about 7 other kids....including Markus...we needed to complete this oath.

That's what we were in. In a blood oath.

....Aaaaaand as my old "friend" Peter Rivers would say...memory ends there...

It's something I've never told, and never will again.

It gives me the chills...

That robed thing Patrick and I saw...what the hell was that?

That's all that took Patrick to say yes...that question.

Yayyyy! New party member get!


While I'm here, let me update you on current news...

Another death. Another person I knew.

His name was Wallace...silly name yeah...Wallace Brilson.

He was a fatty. Knew him my entire Elementary School career. He okay kid.,..but he cared way too much about food.

The way he was killed...brutal...Grey tracked poor Wallace down, stopped him from moving somehow (details are foggy; old man would barely speak about this one AT ALL. Something's worrying about that), ripped into the kid's stomach, and pulled out all organs associated with the act of digestion.

....Kind of ironic, huh? A fitting end for a Glutton.

Again, having problems posting...I'll probably have to backdate this to the appropriate time the murder occured.

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