Saturday, October 22, 2011


Mason quit The 757. He's gone. He left me one final text message...and now won't reply to anything I send him, or answer the phone when I call him.

I should have seen it coming. He's been so quiet the past couple of weeks. He barely participates in The 757. This was just...completely out of character for him. I have no idea why...

This is bad. We're a man down. Grey is definitely going to take the chance to strike soon.

And to make matters worse, Andrew and Patrick are having second thoughts about this whole thing. We're breaking apart. What do I do? How do I keep us together?

Or should I let them leave? Should I face Grey alone? Isn't that how it should be? After all, I'm the reason we're in this mess in the first place. I'm the reason this is happening. Why should they suffer for my mistakes?

Nothing else to report, except for one other thing.

I meditated again today...I met with Daisy.

I was back in that humid forest. A golden light awaited me, and it materialized into the fox. It looked upon me with kind, thoughtful eyes. I reached my hand out, and petted it. It nodded towards the left of us, and walked into that direction. I

No. Not it. Her.

After a few minutes of walking, we reached a huge ravine; a huge rocky split in the earth, with a few traces of water at the bottom. I look to the other side, and my gaze falls upon a dark shape...a shadowy figure in the distance. I look closer, and I see that we are not alone in this world.

There was another Fox there. It was the complete opposite of Daisy; darkness incarnate. It practically leaked the night sky. And it was opposite her in another way as well. While it was hard to discover Daisy's name, this Fox's name was easy to decipher. However...I did not want to acknowledge his name. It floated directly into my head, but I just...I just couldn't believe it.

Its name was Luca. The dark Fox was named Luca.

Or was it really a fox...? It was hard to tell, honestly. Either a small wolf or a large fox.

When it saw me looking at it, it growled, and then ran off into the forest. I looked at my side, towards Daisy, and asked her, without saying a word, what that thing was.

She looked up at me, and told me without telling me that I had no need to worry of such things at that moment in time. I needed to focus on other matters, instead.

About 15 minutes later, we ended up in a forest clearing. She was walking in front of me, at first, but suddenly turned around, and stopped there. She told me, again without any sounds leaking away from her mouth, that I needed to practice forming my own spiritual weapon out of her body's energy.

I hardly understand now, but it made perfect sense in that clearing. I was preparing to do something, by raising my right hand into my hand, pointing at Daisy, when the forest and ground started shaking.

Daisy tells me, this time with sound, that "Our time is up, child." I am dragged away from that land, and a few seconds later, I'm back in my bed; the vibrations of my cell phone receiving a text had dragged me away from her.

The text was from The Old Man. He told me that my bodyguard is off tonight, on sick leave, so he's going to be in charge of watching over my house tonight.

I look outside, and I see him in his car.

I can't see Grey, but I know he's there, out there, somewhere.

Time to sleep. I guess. Night.

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