Sunday, October 9, 2011


Mason Hales was a good friend of mine in the 6th; no, scratch that, he was my best friend.

He was one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met,…he always knew exactly what to say, or how to act, to get everyone around him to jump to the floor, and roll around, all the while clutching their sides as laughter permeated their entire being.

We were pretty much the co-leaders of a tiny group of kids made up Patrick, Markus, Andrew, and the two of us. We were always hanging out together…

I miss those days. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I was in Elementary School. Isn’t that sort of sad? And now, I’m living this..this fantastical life.; a life that would fit better in a fantasy novel or in a movie. Anything but “real life.”

But it is real, and now, Mason’s included in this turmoil.

I didn’t really have to do much to get him to join The 757. All I needed to do was text him and ask. He basically responded with a, “Sure why not.” He didn’t even ask what exactly The 757 is.
It worries me…his carefree attitude. Would that be a good addition to the team? And like Andrew, or maybe even a step farther than Andrew, he’s impulsive. Sometimes, he also takes a joke too far. But whatever. I need all the help I can get, really.

And even if that wasn’t enough to worry about, I also have to worry about him settling back into Portsmouth. He was living near Seattle until a couple of days ago; I haven’t even seen him since the end of May in the 6th grade. We’re going to meet soon.

Mason’s like Steven; he’s from the –outside- now. He’s always been from the –outside-. His family is one of those military families; he moves every couple of years. Portsmouth was only a small rest stop a few years back, and he’ll probably be moving again soon.

Mason doesn’t have a special “story” about him, like I share with the rest. He’s never seen the robed man…

Who is that anyways? Is it Grey?

It can’t be…how could he be there, years back, when he didn’t start his rampage on my body this year? Did he somehow…time travel? ^____-

Or something?


The team’s almost complete now, I think…almost…, anyways. Maybe a couple more kids.

We’re all going to be meeting in a couple of days at John Tyler Elementary.

Where it all started.


And I’m tired of reporting these…I really, honestly am. But it has to be said. It seems there’s been another murder. Another brutal, bloody murder.

Cole Grant was a good kid that I knew throughout Elementary School, and even a bit throughout Middle School. Though he was a kind and courteous, he had one huge flaw; he was a lazyass. He was a year older than everyone, after being held back a year, due to him being too lazy to do any work the year before.

And he was always such a pessimist…no matter how nice a day it was, he always had something negative to say about it, you know?

He won’t be able to point out flaws ever again, literally, though.

Poor Cole was found floating in the Elizabeth River, completely drained of his blood.

Someone (Grey) had forcibly ripped both of his arms off (somehow; how’d he find the strength to do that?) and had dropped him into the freezing river, from the Churchland Bridge.

It is still unknown how the killer managed to do that; if the time window is correct, that The Old Man told me about anyways, he would have had to do it in broad daylight during rush hour.

Christ…everyone’s dying around me…and I just can’t stop it.

Can The 757 stop it?

Hell, can ANYONE stop it?

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