Friday, October 7, 2011


Steven and I met when I started going to First Colonial High School. I didn't have any friends, so at lunch, I sat alone, but he was nice enough to invite me to join his table, with his friends. And from there, I made a few friends, but none of them stuck out like Steven; he was the only one who understood how hard it was for me to go there; I don't talk about it much, but...but I come from a home that's almost as bad as the environment an actual Fear causes. An unloving parent...can quite honestly be one of the worst things to suffer through in this world, and my siblings and I had to suffer through that.

His father was a drunk.

You  can see where that leads, so I'm not going into details.

And now that he's gone through everything that happened earlier this year....

Steven's different from Patrick, Markus, and Andrew. He's from the -Outside-, from the city of Virginia Beach. Whatever's happening, it's definitely having to do with Portsmouth. No doubt in my mind about that.

Now, is this a disadvantage? Or maybe even an advantage, who knows?

Maybe he's like a neutral party, or something.

We'll find out though.

Steven's a loyal person. He won't ever abandon The 757 (like he actually could). Unlike Andrew...

I think Andrew's going to be the first to jump ship...he's just that kind of kid: a wimp.

But he can't now. The wheels are turning now.

You can't stop the inevitable. No one can.

....and again I act like I know more than everyone else. Look, it isn't just me; Steven can confirm this feeling too. That's all it is; a feeling. Like, almost instinct.

Steven wanted to try asking The Old Man more questions, but TOM just ignored us, and warned us about going out late at night.

Sorry, gramps, but we're already careful enough. ~___~

Do I even have to say?

This time; Barry Leadison.

This time; knew him, yeah, but not too close to him. He liked following me around and stuff. Didn't know that much about him, but we would always accuse me of being jealous of him, when he was the one following ME around. An idiot, basically. Again, didn't pay attention to him, soooo

This time; his eyes were basically cut out, and stuck on the fence of a cemetary iron fence. Don't know what happened to the rest of the body; didn't have the stomach to ask....

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