Saturday, October 1, 2011


There's been a few....changes in my life.

I'm moving back to Portsmouth, Virginia.

See, I've been living in Virginia Beach, with my mentally unstable mother and my siblings, in intolerable living conditions. Social Services took notice of this, and started investigating her. My father, who divorced my mother when I was about two or so, swooped in when he saw the chance and applied for custody over my brothers and I.

However,...he only got my custodial rights. So, yeah.

Anyways, he can't really take care of problems. He only needed to get me out of that hellhole, and I'm grateful for that. I'll be moving in with my grandmother instead, and I'll visit my dad every other weekend.

I''ll be getting my stuff together, and I'll be moving tomorrow!!

Thank God. Honestly.

I've waited so long for this..

and yet...I don't feel very well about it...

It's almost like I'm some chess piece, being moved out of some other person's will.

Am I being taken back to the battleground, so to say? Or something?


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