Saturday, October 15, 2011

Woman, behold your son; behold your mother.

Despite not really wanting to, I joined the rest of the 757s for a tiny meeting at my old house today. The purpose of the meeting was for me to explain to the rest of The 757s how to counter against a mental battle with Grey. I didn't really...know, but I did have a basic sense of shit that you DO NOT do.
  1. Whatever you do, don't panic, even if he challenges you to a personal contest in another plane of existence. If you panic, he'll get the upper hand mentally, and maybe even physically too.
  2. Don't be boring. Improvise, improvise, improvise. Use the environment against him. Think creatively. Especially if you're in the middle of the Apple of Eye mental battle. It'll throw him off guard. He was literally scared for a minute, or an emotion close to fear, when he saw that I was actively fighting back against him instead of letting him kill me like I'd imagine many people would do, after giving up. 
  3. Don't lose faith. Believe in yourself, and in the situation. I know that it sounds corny, but just do it.
  4. Don't be a stubborn idiot like I am. If you get the fucking chance, and there's no other hope left, run away. It's better to live and fight another day instead of becoming a host of the sonofabitch.
  5. Don't fight alone. If you've actually been reading my blogs, then you know why I suggest this.
  6. Don't let your guard down; don't let him get to you. If you lower your defenses, and let him in for even a second, it's finished. 
  7. Don't forget what you're fighting for. Ever. 
Everyone except Patrick seemed to get the message. Patrick didn't understand the importance of strategy and planning. He just thought that if we ran up to Grey and tried kicking his ass, it would be an instant win.

Then I told him to stop being a dumbass, and think: We're fighting a monster stuck inside of a human's body. There will be tricks up his sleeves. Plus, Grey would probably just pull us into another plane of existence, and that's preferably a path I would not like to take. He has the natural upper hand there. The only reason I escaped during the Summer showdown was because of Steven's intervention. 

The 757 meeting ended on a grumpy note. No one wanted to be there, and no one hesitated to leave there either. Before Luca and I could leave, however, Steven stopped us, and requested that we finally break the news to The Old Man before he found out the hard way that Luca was apart of  The 757 now. 

Luca did not seem to want us to come over to his house, but he gave in eventually. An hour later, we were walking up to his front door.

Observation: [Funny feeling starts here.]

It was a small one storey house, with a large front yard. On the porch, a little girl sat, and when she saw Luca, her face lit up, and she smiled. She got up and ran straight to Luca, squealing "Big brother, you're home!!". The two siblings embraced, and Luca swung her around in the air.

It was really sweet to see, and reminded me of my little sister, Cosette. She looked exactly like her too, except her hair was a darker brown, and she was obviously older; she looked around 8 or 7, while Cosette's only 5. 

After Luca set his sister back down from Space and to the Earth, the sister looked up at me and Steven with a puzzled look. "Who are you guys? Luca's friends?" she asked sweetly. 

Steven spoke first. "Yeah! My name's Steven, and this kid's name is Owen. We're new friends of Luca's. Nice to meet you!! What's your name?" he said, smiling.

"My name's Katie!! I'm Luca's little sister! My favorite color's green!!"

From there, Steven and her went into their own little conversation; it was a distraction. A second ago, you see, the three of us had sensed, a funny feeling, and somehow knew that there was something we needed to do....almost instinctual, even. While Steven talked to Katie, I nodded at Luca, and pointed at a small overgrowth of trees and bushes next to his house. I walked over to them, and he followed.

We submerged ourselves into the forested area, and...well..

we went somewhere. Somewhere not of this world.


We were in a forest. A legitimate forest. And the trees...while they weren't that tall, they...they just felt tall. And old. Really old. Alive, too. It felt like everything was breathing at once. A mist hung low to the ground, and a blue tint washed over everything. Green colors were more...brilliant than before, and more prevalent. 

The smell of life hid the taste of death that was drifting throughout the air.

"Where are we, man?" Luca asked.

"I have no clue, but I want to find out." I replied.

Without waiting for a response from Luca, I started to push further into the forest.

The forest started thicken at one point, and branches were scratching our faces and weeds and roots threatened to trip our legs, when the thickness ceased suddenly at a forest clearing.

In the middle of the clearing, there was a circular stone slab, that was patterned with strange markings.

It looked like this; 

[Aristotle's Cosmos]

Had to do some research to find that.

Anyways, the slab was a bit...darker shaded than that, and the black lines were carved into the stone. 

Luca seemed scared of it...really freaked out by it. He warned me to stay back, but I ignored him, and stepped on the stone to get a closer look the markings....

...which started to glow in a blueish haze of light. The slab's different sections started to rotate in alternating directions and speeds, and as I slowly walked closer to the center of the slab, the speed of the alternations increased. When I was finally in dead center, the blue light was almost completely blinding.

The rotation and lights became too much, and I wanted to leave, but a ~voice~ in my head ordered me to stay, in an entirely different language....and yet I could understand it all...

And then I looked to my left, and saw whom the ~voice~ had come from...

The Slender Man, emerging from the trees. It was horrifying to see him, and yet...also, a certain sense of a protective attitude leaked out of him. 

The Fear approached Luca, who didn't even know what It was prior to this incident, which caused him to almost break down by the soul crushing fear this creature instilled upon his heart. The poor kid collapsed to the ground, and almost fainted...but The Slender Man wasn't having that bullshit. He picked Luca up, and threw him into the magical circle with me. 

Seemingly satisfied, the creature disappeared into thin air, and the circle's light swallowed us entirely whole. 

We were now floating in non existence. We had crossed the boundaries from our dimension, and had entered a new one. Luca was shaking in fear, so I "swam" over to him, and held him close, to stop him and calm him down. Soon, he stopped, and I let him go. 

we floated there for quite some time. I almost started thinking I was actually dead, and we that we were just located in Purgatory....I almost started praying.

But then I heard something unlock in the whiteness, and underneath us, existence shone up, like a beacon of light from a closet in the middle of the night. We slowly floated into the existence, and found ourselves back in front of the the bushes near Luca's house. 

Confused on how to react to that sort of experience, we kinda sorta just shrugged it off and rejoined Steven and Katie. We went into the house, and played with Katie, while waiting for The Old Man to stop by the house. A couple of hours went by, and The Old Man didn't show up. It was dark by that point, so Steven and I had to call it a day. Luca promised to tell The Old Man as soon as he got home.

I neglected to tell Steven what had happened. I don't know why I decided against telling him...I just felt..

When I got home, my chest started itching really bad. Where I was itching, I noticed there was a mark in the left-center area of my chest.

The Latin symbol for the number one was marked on me. It wasn't there before.

I've tried multiple ways of getting it off, but none have worked.

What's this marking mean? What's it for?

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