Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Notes 3 (Part 2)

For this last Notes entry, at least for now, I'll be focusing on the connections between its history and now.  I am summarizing from documents provided to me by the Old Man.

There are three main documents that I will be showing. There are others, but they aren't as important as these...actually, they don't seem to be important at all. I'll show those at a later date. Promise.

Each document I have recreated through text. Some of the letters have faded, due to some of the papers appearing to be quite old, so I have filled them in with the best guess they could actually be.

The feel of them....they remind me of the documents Peter Rivers left here.


December 17, 1975
Cold night in December. Reports of three recent infections. Seem to correlate with victims in the previous case down in Georgia. Possibility: Migration. Bodies suffered the same body defects; signifigant decay and self-afflicted wounds. Masks were also found near; possibly related to -Faceless-? Unlikely.

Tracks in the snow leading from the first victim's house into the steet. The tracks stopped at the opposite end of the street, at a vacant lot. They suddenly end where the concrete changes into soft, dead grass. After some investigation before the first two scheduled inspections of the scene, I found a green leaf, from a tree in the full bloom of Spring.

There were no trees in sight. Just like the other cases down in Georgia.....

I deposited the leaf into an envelope at the scene, and carried it to the lab for testing, but when I had arrived there,...the leaf had vanished from the paper container. Just like the two other leaves...

It seems as these leaves are marking something. As if...there's something behind the -curtain.-

Something like a forest.

...oh, look, I'm rambling again. An old man rambling! How original!

There's one last piece of evidence...

the name Grey was painted on the door.

Just like the ones down in Georgia...

This investigation is not over.

I will track this creature down.

I swear...I will.
January 2, 1976
Another child's murder.

Why is it focusing on children now? The murders seemed to be mainly focused on random adults and teenagers, but's only children. Also, the -elemental- seems to have stopped wandering. It's staying in  one place now; the Midtown area of Portsmouth (Va).

The leaves have progressed into full blown tree branches, the murders are doubling, a mysterious figure nicknamed "Noroling" is connected to many of the victims, -Faceless- endlessly watches, but does not interfere, apples shoved down the throats of the victims, those strange masks...

This is almost too much to absorb....too much to handle.

-Faceless- targets children, yeah...but he...we don't see the results of that.

We're seeing what happens to these kids.

Oh god...that one kid? What was his name...Drew? Drew Wood? Something like that? I'm positive his last name was Wood anyways...


his own arm was claw its way inside of his chest. As in, the arm itself somehow stabbed its way into the chest,...and clenched itself around the poor kid's heart.

The kid's own body betrayed him.

And he was only eleven...

I don't know. The bodies seem to move by themselves.

The -Elemental- seems to be like...a demon. Yknow, like a possesion type deal.

Wood was a chubby, quiet kid. Kind of a loner. Maybe he was targeted for that reason.

or maybe it was random....

christ, I need sleep.

There's been 11 murders....I don't want to sleep...

At least we don't have to deal with any press.

Whatever this -Elemental- is, it's keeping the murders hush-hush.

It doesn't want to draw any attention.

But why? What are you so afraid of, "Grey?"
Nothing will ever be the same again for Porstmouth.

I have made arrangements though.

I have to fix this....what has happened to this poor town.

It may not be exactly my fault...what originally happened

but...I have made it worse.

Grey will return,....

firstborn son

blue eyes

blond hair


family friend

that's all I can say about that.

This..I'm sorry for the disjointed writing style.

This thing has changed me, severely.

I want to perfect that pocketwatch. I want to kill this -Elemental-.

But I have to plan for when it returns...and that won't be easy. I need someone to watch for the signs...

I need a lighthouse...

I need money, too. Lots of it.

I expect this thing won't rise to power for another thirty or so years...plenty of time to prepare...

It all goes back to that Crawford fucker

all back to him

he just HAD to settle this cursed place...

This is...hallowed ground....

That's far as that goes, anyway...

I haven't a clue to who the author can be...Oldie won't tell me

you guys have any thoughts on who it could be?


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