Saturday, September 24, 2011

Notes 3 (Part 1)

Sorry for my absence. I did not intend for that to happen. Honestly.

I would rather not discuss what has been happening behind the scenes relating to that, but I would like to say....well, Grey's inhabitation of my body HAS left some aftereffects, apparently. Many.

But I don't want to think about that, really. Let me live in ignorance for a while, I guess.

Now, on to the final entry in this information on Grey. We may have more entries about this subject, but for now, I'd like to focus on The 757's recruiting efforts, and also our hunt for Grey. I'd like to make this short, though...I've got to get to bed. School doesn't stop for kids my age, you know.

This will be posted in parts. I planned to have it done with this post, but I have to go to bed NOW.


Portsmouth Virginia seems to be the center of Grey's influence.

How do I/or the Old Man know this?

I haven't really enlightened you guys on this subject, but...The Dying Man is killing kids. There have been 9 murders specifically connected to him now, according to The Old Man. He doesn't have any evidence to back this up, yeah...but I believe him.

Grey is still connected to me. I can feel him...working. And I see him every night now, in my sleep.

That organization Peter was apart of won't let the media publish anything about the murders....I don't agree with that. If I had my way, I'd try telling every Virginian what we're up against.  But that would surely put me back on their hitlist.

Or was I ever marked off? Will they come tonight while I'm asleep, and slit my throat?

Who knows.

Now, back to the original subject; the murders seem to center in between two sectors of the town. The first area, known as Oldetown, which is apart of our Downtown area, is the "historical" part of Portsmouth. I'm not surprise the Dying Man haunts this place...many buildings there are -haunted-, apparently. Hell, every year we have some sort of Ghost Walk. If there's any place more suitable for's that place. The murders that take place here are mostly hobos....

I used to live near Oldetown....a short walk only, in fact.

The second area is Port Norfolk...more of a suburban area. My old elementary school, John Tyler, is located there. The murders there seem to be composed mostly of small children going to that school.

Pattern: Everything leads back to me.

If I was in a joking mood, I'd say this thing has a crush on me.

But I never joke anymore. My mirror only reflects back a permanant frown nowadays.

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