Sunday, September 11, 2011

Notes 2

The thing I wanted to talk about...

it's really...~out there~, okay? But stay with me here.

According to the Old Man, along time ago, people fought with the -Fears- all the time. They actively knew of their existence, so they developed ways to fight them back. The ways usually involved spiritual enlightement achieved via three techniques;

1. Sowing Season. (eliminating the aspect of Fear from a person)

2. Meditation. (to travel inside of your psyche and create a barrier to protect against Fears' effects, such as loss of time caused by the Slender Man)

3. William Tell. (to engage in a spiritual battle on an alternate plane of existence against a Fear)

Only the first two were usually successful in any way.

The Dying Man seems to have been,...well, everywhere in the United States. The Old Man keeps making it clear that alot of our early Native American ancestors battled regulary with Grey, and others like him. We're not sure if Grey is..."part of the whole", if you know what I mean.

Is he an individual? Or is he representative of the entire Fear?

Let's diagnose what The Dying Man is, first.

Symptoms of Dying Man infection:

  • Mood Swings
  • Body Decay
  • Nightmares
  • Memory Loss
  • Possesion
I did not experience body decay, as far as I know. Maybe The Dying Man's effects vary. I did have the other symptoms, though. As evident with how The Dying Man tried to mess with me, he needs a mind that's unbalanced. Insecure.

The Old Man says The Dying Man is usually passed down through families. The oldest son of a family of mostly brothers "inherits" the dying man, and then it's "passed on" to the other brothers after the oldest one's passed on.

I am the oldest brother in my family. I have two brothers and a sister, aged 15, 14, and 5.

To prevent the passing down of the monster, the Native Americans would teach their younglings to delve into the Spiritual Plane/their mind. Once there, they would travel into the Otherworld, and meet with their greatest fear. After that, they would formulate a new weapon out of the bits and pieces of negative energy from the fear, and create a barrier to protect against "Evil Spirits."

The Barrier would usually manifest as an animal, and would be given a name.

If you ever forgot the name of your animal, the animal would eat away at your mind until insanity.

According to the Old Man, anyways. I wouldn't trust him though.

But still...if it's true, this is very valuable information. I can use this.

I have two options; William Tell, or The Meditation.

The second one sounds the easiest, so I will go with that.

I'll save the first option for another day....just in case.

Next entry, I'll be focusing on the effects of The Dying Man on Virginian history.

Stay tuned.

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