Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Notes 1

I should talk about that old man who accompanied Steven the night I attempted to kill myself.

His name is Tim (probably an alias...he chuckled and had some type of look in his eye when he told us that). He hasn't told me what his last name is. He's about 6'2, has a remarkable mane of grey hair (considering his obvious age), and blue eyes. He's usually wearing a suit whenever he visits me.

He visits me weekly to check on my body for any damage caused by Grey/The Dying Man. During the checkups, he usually insults me; he's a grumpy man. His emotions seem to be a bit subdued beyond that, however.

Now; why the hell did he save me? Who is he?

Well, I can answer one of those two questions.

He saved me because he was "just doing my duty", as he put it. He keeps a track on events in the blog o' sphere, and somehow found my blog. After that, he attempted to find contact with Steven or me, but this took months, apparently, to pull off.

He's hinted at prior dealings with the -Fears-. He also claims to have known Peter Rivers personally.

Other than that....I don't know very much. I don't know what his deal is.

I just feel like an actor reading off of a script when I'm talking with him.Something about his a starving wolf. Determined. Unemotional.

For training, he's had me..."retreat into my mind."

Which...I'll bring up next's a schoolnight, and I have to do my homework...

Seeya next time~

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